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‘Angel Faces’ retreat offers healing, self-esteem to teen girls with facial burns and trauma

The room rings out with the cruel nicknames that have haunted the teenagers for years: Crusty crab. Burnt toast. Snake skin. Freddy Krueger’s daughter. Mutant. Scarface.

Panel slams response to ‘man-made’ Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan

Nuclear power returned to Japan’s energy mix for the first time in two months Thursday, hours before a parliamentary investigative commission blamed the government’s cozy relations with the indu…

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Justice Scalia veers toward the political in questions and opinions, critics say

Justice Antonin Scalia ended his 26th year on the Supreme Court with a string of losses in the term’s biggest cases and criticism that he crossed a line from judging to politics.

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Groups advocate fair trade in dairy industry, ask consumers to pay more for milk to save farms

Consumers will pay a little more for coffee and chocolate to ensure the farmers who produce those foods get a fair wage, so why not ask them to pay more for milk?

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Subprime lender Countrywide bought influence with Washington elite with mortgage discounts

A House committee says the former Countrywide Financial Corp.

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3 dead, 24 rescued after yacht capsizes off New York

Police say three bodies have been pulled out of New York’s Long Island Sound after a yacht capsized on the Fourth of July, and 24 others were rescued.

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Mother arrested for leaving kids alone in hot Kentucky home

Police in south central Kentucky have arrested a woman who is the mother of some of the 19 children left alone in a hot, filthy home near Bowling Green.

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