Thursday, April 18 2024

get-smart-about-insurance-3Our goal at Gill Insurance in Rock Hill and Gill-Holler Insurance in Fort Mill is to have a complete and honest understanding of what the actual needs our customers have for insurance so that we can provide them with the most comprehensive coverage at the best prices available.

Being an independent agent we are able to take each of our client’s policies to the most respected companies in the industry including The Hartford, Travelers Insurance, Montgomery Insurance, Progressive Insurance, and Auto-Owners-and that insures our clients get the best pricing available in the marketplace.

We believe in treating each and every person that comes through our door with dignity and respect, and we take pride in advising our clients on what type of insurance they need and the correct limits for their particular situation-and always being mindful to only insure what’s actually needed and nothing more.

Each Monday throughout the day on WRHI, we explain a different topic in the insurance industry-how it affects you and your family-and offer our thoughts on how best it should be addressed.  We hope you will find this weekly series of interest and helpful in making you smarter about your insurance.

Recent episodes of the show are posted below.