Thursday, July 18 2024

Its one of the most unprecedented droughts in recent memory for the eastern part of South Carolina. Per The Herald, this is coming from the state’s top climatologist. The counties of York and Chester may not be far behind. All 46 counties were upgraded to some level of drought after Tuesdays South Carolina Drought Response Committee conference call. Of the 10 counties listed as incipient, which is the first of the four severity levels, York makes the list. Chester falls in the grouping of 21 in the next level of moderate. And Lancaster falls in a region that includes 15 counties that is at the third level called severe drought. Per Lancaster Conservation District Chairman Joe Ghent, he says farmers have lost or seen stressed corn crops, lost grass fro cattle to feed on and more. The committee will re-evaluate July 24th and has asked all water systems to review response plans and use as needed.

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