Mom of slain Peach Stand worker ‘living to bring honor to daughter’s life’

Posted February 19, 2018 12:30 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News, News

Less than a month ago, a South Carolina mother lost her daughter to senseless gunfire.  Karson Whitesell was shot and killed while working at the Peach Stand in Fort Mill on Jan. 23.

Whitesell’s 20th birthday would have been on Sunday.  In Karson’s honor, friends and family released biodegradable balloons of various colors to represent her love for tie dye, a staple in her life.

Debbie Whitesell admits that it has been a difficult few weeks since her daughter’s death, but with the community’s support, she’s been able to tackle life one day at a time.

Since Karson’s death, Debbie Whitesell has channeled her pain into purpose, creating a nonprofit called the Karson Kompassion Project. Compassion is spelled with a “K” just like Karson would have wanted.

The first large project for Karson’s Kompassion Project will be work in Swaziland, a place she was passionate about.  The trip to Swaziland is expected to take place sometime this summer.