Black S.C. lawmakers tackle repeal of ‘stand your ground’ law

Posted March 7, 2014 12:13 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

DSC_3707Andrew Kiel |
The latest battle against the “Stand Your Ground” law is now in the South Carolina Legislature.

Members of the general assembly’s legislative black caucus kicked off their campaign to repeal the law — which has gained notoriety following several shootings across the country. At a press conference Thursday, lawmakers said the 2006 law makes it too easy for criminals to justify killing innocent people.

State Rep. John King of Rock Hill said the law lends itself to needlessly escalated confrontations.

“We are finding out that people who are innocent are being killed,” King said. “And then the perpetrators are allowed to walk free.”

H. 4801 calls for keeping the Castle Doctrine in place, but takes out the requirement of meeting force with force if you are somewhere the other person has the right to be.

Opponents of the change cite a 2010, shooting where a Columbia man responding to a drive-by shooting accidentally killed a different driver.

King, whose family owns a funeral home, says shootings — regadless of the circumstances — are especially tough on families when children are involved.

“It’s a double hit to those families,” King said. “We need to start protecting those families we serve.”

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