City official: Theft of hard drive poses no threat to your personal information

Posted September 4, 2013 5:18 pm | Filed under Crime and Courts, Featured, Local News

The investigation continues this week into the reported theft of a hard drive from a jury deliberation room at the City of Rock Hill Law Center.

Tuesday morning, city spokeswoman Katie Quinn said an employee attempted to boot the workstation, and when it wouldn’t start, contacted the city’s Information Technology staff.

IT crews quickly realized the hard drive inside the computer was missing. A police report was filed in connection with the incident.

But though the drive remains at large, top city officials contend there’s no reason to be concerned about the risk of any personal information.

“We have secure databases and servers that handle all the confidential information,” said deputy City Manager Jimmy Bagley. “So none of the data that has any personal information should be on the computer. If anything, it should just have the typical boot-up sectors and that’s about it.”

Bagley described the computer as an older-model device, and said the hard drive was not very large.

Quinn said city policy, “specifically prohibits the storage of any personally identifiable information on desktop computers,” and the courtroom information are all stored on secure servers.