Fort Mill voters to decide fate of $54M school bond referendum April 30

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Security upgrades, a new elementary school and expansions of two high schools are just a few items on a 54-million dollar bond referendum that will soon be in the hands of Fort Mill voters.

School District officials are proposing the measure as a means for providing technology needs and managing growth in the area without adding a third, more expensive high school in the next few years.

Referendum committee co-chair Lisa McCarley says while the expansions are vital, the security needs are as well.

The measure will go before Fort Mill voters on April 30, and also includes new AstroTurf  athletic fields.

Fort Mill Schools Superintendent Chuck Epps says this latest ballot item is the next step towards a long-term goal of building a third high school.

Epps says from an enrollment standpoint, a third high school in the district is still on the horizon.

Under the proposed budget, the $54.3 million budget would be broken down as follows: $25.2 million towards a new Riverview Elementary School. $11.7 million would fund and expansion and renovation project at Fort Mill High School’s campus. $11.2 million  would fund an expansion at Nation Ford High School, which opened in 2007. $1.8 million would pay for new Turf athletic fields. $2.2 million would fund district-wide technology improvements, such as an upgraded Wi-Fi network. $1.9 million would fund a set of district-wide security and safety enhancements.

Epps says the expansions at both high schools would allow each campus to accommodate enrollment of up to 2,400 students per school.

If approved, property owners would pay roughly $66 more per year on a $100,00 home.



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  1. Jayne Shelley

    Instead of technology improvements and new turf you need to consentrate on the children learning Reading, Writing, and Math.