York County Council to consider local bidder preference plan

Posted December 20, 2012 6:43 pm | Filed under Local News

Amidst a number of recent bids extended to vendors outside York County, councilman Bump Roddey is pushing for the council to consider a new bidding plan that would allow local companies who bid for projects and equipment to have the opportunity to match those companies out of York County.

In the past few weeks, Roddey has brought up the issue in open session, telling WRHI it’s all about helping local businesses.

The City of Rock Hill has a similar purchasing plan in effect, giving local bidders a five-percent advantage on public projects with a $25,000 dollar cap on the margin of difference.

Roddey said Monday that regardless of what bids come in, County Council needs to make sure the decision made is what is best for the taxpayers — and that doesn’t just mean the upfront cost.

Roddey is referring to council’s decision Monday night to choose a John Deere-brand front-end skid-steer loader over a Bobcat-brand product from a bidder who lives in York County.

Roddey’s plan is likely to return to council discussions early next year in the form of a council workshop.

Roddey says the purchasing plan is a win-win project for York County because it keeps costs down while still giving local bidders an opportunity they might not otherwise have.