Kedrowski: Electoral College “misfire” a possible Election Day outcome

Posted November 5, 2012 9:02 pm | Filed under 2012 Election, Local News

While the presidential candidates can count on solidly red or blue states like South Carolina, Texas and California, what voters decide in the so-called swing states may make the big difference in deciding who wins another, or their first, term in office.

Karen Kedrowski heads Winthrop University’s Political Science Department and says that in one scenario, if the states are mixed well enough, neither Barack Obama Could win 270 electoral votes, meaning the next President and Vice President would be selected by Congress.

Kedrowski says each state would have one vote in the House of Representatives.

In that scenario, with a GOP-controlled House, Mitt Romney would win the presidency, but for the Vice President, things would be vastly different in the Senate.

Either way, Kedrowski says the Electoral College system served its purpose quite well — in the 1800s.

But in 2012, things are much different, and Kedrowski says the need for the Electoral College isn’t as pressing.

Kedrowski says another possible outcome of tonight’s election may mirror the 2000 Presidential Election — where what she calls an Electoral College “misfire” could occur — with one candidate winning the Electoral Vote and another winning the Popular Vote.

Kedrowski will be WRHI’s in-studio commentator for tonight’s election coverage which kicks off at 7 p.m. on the OTS Media family of stations.