Winthrop rolls out updated, revamped MBA program

Posted July 9, 2012 6:42 pm | Filed under Local News

Winthrop University is rolling out its new MBA program this summer, putting a greater focus on globalization, communication, and sustainability.

Winthrop spokeswoman Page Bowden Tells WRHI that the changes come after years of feedback from alumni and the business community outlining how MBA graduates can better perform in real-world jobs.

Bowden says when it come to broad topics like sustainability, the focus moves towards realizing the monetary implications of those concepts.

Bowden says MBA seekers can now earn the degree in just about two years, and the updated program is already attracting students with varying career goals.

Bowden says the MBA program — and MBA’s in general are still very much a sought after — and sought-for credential in the business world.

Bowden says Winthrop’s MBA program attracts an international population that spans many a number of countries and makes up almost 25 percent of the students enrolled.