William “Bump” Roddey holds press conference, discusses topics and makes strong allegation

Posted October 11, 2021 4:21 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News, News

While saying he didn’t want any “mud-slinging the last week of the campaign, candidate William “Bump” Roddey took time at his press conference for Mayor of Rock Hill this morning to insinuate just that. Roddey detailed a story from the 2017 campaign where he alleged John Gettys called York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson to “have Roddey arrested” for allegedly not paying his property taxes.  Tolson confirmed the story to WRHI News, but contrary to Roddey’s allegation, Tolson said Gettys never asked that Roddey be arrested. Tolson took the matter to then county manager Bill Shanahan, and that’s when they discovered that Roddey had moved from his county residence to a home in the city which was in his wife’s name..The issue raised in 2017 by Gettys pertained to a form in the York County Assessor’s Office which homeowners like Roddey sign, that states, “under penalty of perjury, neither I, or any member of my household, claim to be a legal resident in any other location.” Gettys claimed then that Roddey was paying “residential property taxes” at 4% on BOTH homes, when one should have been at the higher “non-resident” rate of 6%

Also at the press conference Roddey discussed recruiting and diversity within law enforcement, the revitalizing of the South side of Rock Hill, high utilities, helping small businesses by waiving fees, and the cities debt.