28th Annual Prom Pledge

For the 28th year, OTS Media, along with Keystone Substance Abuse Prevention and “All On Board” will visit area Junior and Senior High School students and encourage them through a series of ads on the radio and the internet, along with events and assemblies, to sign the Prom Pledge.

All participating students will receive printed pledges and will register by signing a giant Prom Pledge card in the school lobby. This signed pledge promises the student’s families and fellow classmates that they will stay Alcohol & Drug Free during prom season. This giant card will be displayed at the school’s prom as a reminder for students to keep the pledge.

Participating Prom Pledge Schools

Rock Hill High School
April 10th

Northwestern High School
April 10th

Great Falls High School
April 11th

South Pointe High School
April 13th

Indian Land High School
April 18th

Nation Ford High School
April 19th

York Prep
April 24th

Clover High School
April 25th


York High School
April 26th

Lancaster High School
May 8th

Palmetto Women’s Center-Norman Hege Jewlers-AAA Carolinas-Badcock Furniture & More-Tom’s Body Shop-Faith Funderburke Realty-AllState Agent Blake Crook-Good Pharmacy