Tune in to Radio Advertising…STILL Your Best Investment!

Learn how radio delivers the greatest impact for your advertising dollar!

Radio is Everywhere
Whether your listener is at home, in the car, at work or a retail shop, chances are there’s a radio on. The statistics say it all:

  • Over 70% of Americans listen to radio each day
  • Over 90% listen to radio at least once a week.
  • Over 70% of people say their radio listening has remained steady or increased over the last five years.

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WRHI and Interstate 107 cover 18 counties in North and South Carolina. See the links below for coverage maps for our specific stations.

WRHI-AM Coverage Map. Click to view a larger edition.


WRHI-AM/FM and WRHM-FM Coverage Map. Click to view a larger edition.


Radio Targets Specific, Dedicated Listeners
Radio stations are programmed with a specific audience in mind. Pop, Urban, Country, Sports or Talk; there’s a selection for every listener, and every listener makes a selection–or two or three!

This means you don’t have to wonder where your customer resides—radio has done the research for you. Not only can your radio advertising rep tell you which program your potential customer is listening to, but also how often he visits and how long he stays. And your rep has a full demographic rundown of your customers’ age, income, education and buying habits.

Radio Connects Intimately with the Audience
Radio is an intimate medium. Think about it…the average commuter is in his car, usually alone, 45 minutes a day. Radio isn’t just background noise; it’s a companion. Listeners form emotional bonds, not only with the local personalities but also with nationally syndicated names like Sean Hannity, Dave Ramsey and Dr. Joy Browne. This lends INSTANT credibility to businesses that advertise on a listener’s favorite program or station.

Radio Advertising is Affordable and Effective
Radio is alive and well. The audience members have made the emotional connection with their favorite station, program and host—and they’re ready to transfer that loyalty to the advertiser. Best of all, compared to just about every other advertising medium, nothing is more affordable and effective, dollar for dollar, than radio advertising.

So give us a call at (803)324-1340. Our marketing experts have many options and opportunities to meet your specific advertising needs. Tune in to radio advertising, and start reaching your target audience today!