Rock Hill School Board approves ‘back to school’ plan

Posted July 13, 2020 10:58 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News, News

The Rock Hill School District this evening passed a proposal to bring all students back in the fall on an ‘A and B day’ schedule.

A Days: Tuesday/Thursday

B Days: Wednesday/Friday

C Day: Monday (Electives/Small Groups/Extra Help)

The District’s did not feel that they could bring students back to school in full on any level while still practicing distancing guidelines and keeping classroom levels at 50%. Monday was chosen as the ‘C day’ because several teacher work days and holidays already fall on a Monday. Principals and staff will be taking siblings into account to ensure they are not on a separate (A and B) day. Superintendent Dr. Bill Cook hopes to phase students back in if numbers begin to decline, but said “What we do know is based on the current guidelines we CANNOT return to school fully and keep our students and parents safe.”

Board member Brent Faulkenberry had a motion denied (5-2) that would have brought Elementary School students back in full much like the Clover and Fort Mill School Districts plan to do. Faulkenberry noted the working parents who will have to stay home with children on off days. While the board was receptive of his comments and had similar concerns they felt that this decision best suited the entire community.

Many school Districts have decided to add 5 days onto the beginning of the school year to prepare students, catch them up and identify needs and concerns. While the RHSD will still be using their first 5 days (for Pre-K through 8th grade) to do those things the days will be made up at the end of the school year. All students will still begin on August 17th.

May 25th will be the final day of school for High School students and June 2nd will be the final day of school for Pre-K through 8th grade students.

A virtual learning academy will also be available for parents who do not wish to send their child back to school.

The District came to this conclusion via information from their teacher survey, parent survey, principal feedback, DHEC-Accalerate-ED information, task force and community feedback and ability for a virtual option.

A full District plan with more details will be available next week.