Hayes: North-South Carolina border survey almost complete

Posted December 4, 2012 8:22 pm | Filed under Local News

Work on retracting the border between the North and South Carolina is just about complete — with only 31 miles of the 334-mile border left to mark.

State Senator Wes Hayes of Rock Hill who serves on the Joint Boundary Commission, says the North Carolina borders in Dillon,  Marlboro and Horry Counties are all that’s left to be retraced.

However, Hayes says it’s frustrating that the work is not yet complete.

Hayes says the border is being marked and surveyed within a centimeter.

Hayes says the longer the process is delayed, the more complicated it becomes.

Hayes says once the entire border between the Carolinas is retraced, both states will need to pass legislation mitigating the additional taxes that will have to be paid by people and businesses who thought they were in one state but actually were in the other state.

That litigation, Hayes says, is not likely to be introduced until 2014.




2 Responses to Hayes: North-South Carolina border survey almost complete

  1. James C Davis

    Our fight ain’t with South Carolina folks, It’s with the idiots that put comrade obama back in charge!

  2. The fellow that made the obscene reference to SC, is foolish. The poor folks that will be put in NC, face higher income and gas taxes and more government interference with business. I read about one poor fellow that may lose his business…as the bulk of his business is selling gas and fireworks to NC residents.