York County Republicans, Democrats spar over party politics

Posted September 11, 2012 7:50 pm | Filed under 2012 Election, Local News

With the two major political parties conventions now square in the rear-view mirror, and with less than two months go to before the General election, the two heads of York County’s Republican and Democratic disagreed on-air Tuesday as to what direction the nation should take.

York County Republican Party Chairman Glenn Mc-Call gives his review of President Obama’s record the past three and a half years.

McCall says the only reason the nation’s jobless rate is falling is because more people looking for work are becoming discouraged.

Meanwhile, York County Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Caulkins says instead of electing Republican Mitt Romney president, voters should give Obama another four years in office.

Caulkins says her party wants fairness when it comes to tax reform.

McCall takes a different view.

McCall says when it comes to student loans, it’s the government’s fault.

Caulkins agrees with the Obama Administration’s approach to student loans.

McCall and Caulkins appeared on Tuesday’s edition of Palmetto Mornings on WRHI.



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