Haley signs bill outlawing substances in bath salts, synthetic pot

Posted May 2, 2012 8:52 pm | Filed under Local News

This week, Governor Nikki Haley announced the signing of a new law in South Carolina that officially bans some 200 substances that comprise synthetic drugs like K2 and bath salts.

Andrew Kiel
Locally, York County All on Board director Janet Martini says the move is a great step forward in protecting the youth in the Palmetto State.

Martini says the new law is important because it acts as a catch-all umbrella to the drugs — where manufacturers can make a slight change to the chemical compound and call it a brand new name.

Martini says the law also allows state regulators to make changes to the illegal compounds in the future.

Martini says the law not only outlaws the substances — but also acts as an umbrella for future substances that are slightly different, but equally harmful.

Martini praised the General Assembly and the local delegation for supporting the House bill that, she says, is very forward-thinking.

Martini says there have been a number of instances locally where minors and young adults have experienced adverse symptoms from the synthetic drugs — and even one person in Anderson County who died from ingesting the product.