State Representative says SC is ready for the first-in-the-South Primary

Posted January 16, 2012 7:34 pm | Filed under 2012 DNC, 2012 Election, Local News

As the general assembly heads back to Columbia today, it looks like the fallout from

a supreme court decision requiring the state to pay for Saturday’s primary won’t be as severe as initially tought.

Rock Hill Representative Gary Simrill says a committee is set to meet this week to discuss the funding for the primary, but it appears a funding crisis is not imminent.

And that half million dollars is the deficit the Election Commission is looking at right now, after only 180-thousand dollars in filing fees were contributed from the Republican party.

Simrill says the funds are available, and it now boils down to politics.

Simrill says that properly funding a primary like this Saturday’s is important to protect the integrity of South Carolina’s First in the South Primary.

Polls open this coming Saturday, and the primary is open, meaning that all registered voters can cast their ballots, regardless of any political affiliation.