Saturday, December 2 2023

Well…its over. A federal judge approved the bankruptcy settlement from a David Tepper owned company that ends officially the 5 month long back and forth battle over the failed Panthers headquarters project in Rock hill. At one time it was hailed as a massive economic development for the area to bring jobs and put Rock Hill on the map nationally for sports and tourism. However, all that ended with lawsuits. The Judge handling the case, Karen Owens commented saying its a “momentus day and a great result, benefiting all parties and interests.This is the same judge who demanded that the City, along with York county, its taxpayers and other entities like the contractors all get a fair deal.

So here is the settlement. GT Real estate will pay York County the $21 million it paid for the project. Rock Hill will now get the title to the land which is worth more than 20 million. As for the contractors, they will get $60 million. While the deal IS approved by the court, any part does have 15 days to appeal if they so choose to do so.

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