Rock Hill Schools add drills, create action group to address safety, security

Posted February 13, 2013 8:22 pm | Filed under Local News

While gun control and school safety was likely on the minds of many Tuesday as the president delivered his State of the Union Address to Congress, local school leaders in York County say diligent work is underway to improve the safety of students, faculty and staff in Rock Hill District Three.

In December, an outside audit identified $2.3 million in improvements that could be made in the district’s 30+ campuses.

Associate Superintendent Tony Cox tells WRHI that part of those improvements include considering circumstances that go well beyond a gunman in school.

School board members met in January to discuss those improvements and approved the additional measures.

District Security and Risk Manager Laney Burris says part of that also includes creating additional drills that can be tested to better protect your children on campus.

Burris says a 30-member team regularly tours the district’s facilities looking not only for security issues, but for safety issues that may lead to injuries on campus.

Burris says the in-house security audits are completed as a team effort.

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