Morningstar Ministries explains King’s Castle demolition on ex-PTL site

Posted May 7, 2013 5:49 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

FILE/Photo courtesy Eric Kinsinger

For years, the old King’s Castle at the former PTL property in Fort Mill has sat vacant next to Jim Bakker’s fallen religious empire, struck by a proverbial lightning bolt in the late 1980s amid a fraud and sex scandal that ultimately brought down the ministry.

Three weeks ago, the castle was mysteriously torn down with little comment from Morningstar Ministries which now owns the site.

In the days since, Morningstar Executive Director Rick Joyner explains what may come of the castle site that was demolished April 20.

Joyner says the castle demolition was just a matter of cost. A neighbor and friend of the church offered to demolish the castle at no charge.

Efforts first started in March bulldoze the facility, but were stopped temporarily due to a lack of a building permit.

Meanwhile, efforts to renovate the 21-story Heritage USA tower remain ambiguous.

Signs nearby indicate construction is in progress at the tower that was never finished.

York County remains in a lawsuit with the church, saying Morningstar’s efforts to renovate the tower are baseless as nearby neighbors say they want the tower demolished.

To view Joyner’s full statement, click here.