Sheriff: SRO’s in elementary schools are not the answer to school safety

Posted January 15, 2013 10:40 pm | Filed under Local News

York County Sheriff Bruce Bryant said Tuesday the projected $4.5 million dollar yearly price tag that would come with putting School Resource Officers in all 35 of York County’s Elementary Schools may not the best option to effectively keep students safe.

Bryant said Tuesday he is speaking with State Law Enforcement Division director Mark Keel today about other options that can be more effective in protecting students in schools.

Keel told the Senate Education Committee last week he would like to see a School Resource Officer in every school in the state.  Bryant admits that even an armed deputy can’t stop everything.

Bryant said in the wake of the deadly school shooting in Connecticut, educators in York County are not jumping to quick reactions.

Monday night, Rock Hill School District Three’s Board of Trustees reviewed a list of $2.3 million in security improvements that came as a result of a comprehensive security review conducted last Spring.



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One Response to Sheriff: SRO’s in elementary schools are not the answer to school safety

  1. Maybe he/she can’t stop everything, but they can stop something. Don’t look for a “cure-all” look for one or two or three actions to help resolve the issue. An SRO is a good thing. Allowing school staff/administrators to carry concealed (if they are trained) is another good thing.