Straight Talk: 10/17/12 Tyrie Rowell & Terry Hutchison

Posted October 17, 2012 1:21 pm | Filed under Programming, Straight Talk

Tyrie Rowell and Terry Hutchison, candidates for a Rock Hill School Board At-Large Seat, join Manning Kimmel on Straight Talk.




3 Responses to Straight Talk: 10/17/12 Tyrie Rowell & Terry Hutchison

  1. makeatrap

    I personally like Mr. Rowell because he is young but seems to know a lot about our school district being that he has worked for the district before. He wants to being a lot to the district for our students, and other staff of the district, me personally as a parent he will have my vote. So on November 6 Vote Mr. Rowell!

  2. Jackie Davis

    Yes, there is a conservative. None of the signs tell you whether the person is a conservative or not. VOTE FOR MR. HUTCHINSON!! And I love how all his kids went and graduated from college. That is just totally awesome. How many of ya folks can say that?