Thursday, July 18 2024

It appears Silfab solar still intends to move forward with its $150 million manufacturing facility in Fort Mill. According the Herald, Treff MacDonald who is the Chief Operating Officer said that they were not happy with York County’s Board of Zoning Appeals decision last month that limits production on that property. The company is now working through an approval process with the county still after the rejection. MacDonald said “We 100% expect that project to deliver on time which would include product out of the facility end of the year.” The solar panel company out of Canada has worked for over two years planning to produce something at Logistics Lane. The appeal which passed later defined that a company like silfab is not considered light industrial. However, Macdonald continued by saying they had zoning confirmation from planners in December of 2022. He continued that he takes issue with numerous claims of residents online against the companies operation saying they don’t have smokestacks or emit smoke. He also said they would be responsible for 3,000 or more people between employees and families and would not put those at risk. An appeal period for the zoning decision runs thru June 29th.

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