Thursday, April 18 2024

The Tega Cay City Council has shared the results of their recent deer culling operation and the number killed is far below what sharpshooters were allotted. The operation coming after years of the community complaining about the deer problem, with many concerned about the increase in the number of car crashes involving deer and the mess they leave behind in yards. Officials said that during the first round of culling, only 21 deer were removed. Only 17 were killed in the second round, bringing the total to just 38 deer – far below the city’s goal of 160. At a meeting last night (Tues), blame was placed on the limitations put in place due to safety concerns. Sharpshooters were limited to only culling at the golf course and said they were only allowed to work during a small time window each day. Because of the results, the city said it needs to look into other options in the future. Leaders suggested giving the USDA more flexibility to cull the deer or looking into non-lethal options, such as birth control.

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