Lawyers for South Carolina State respond to case of family of Phillip Adams claiming false and lack of information

Posted May 25, 2023 4:59 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News, News

South Carolina State, has denied any wrongdoing connected to the brain injuries of a man who killed six people in Rock Hill in 2021.
This of course regarding the incident involving former NFL Player Phillip Adams who also took his own life after those murders. The family of Adams filed a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court against the university alleging that the school failed to provide any safety against concussions or head trauma while Adams was a player there from 2006-09. The response by South Carolina State says Adams voluntarily played football while also assuming the risks of participation in playing and failed to exercise care for his own safety. Again this according to court documents. The lawyers for the University also say he signed a waiver before playing and asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed. There is no word on whether or not a trial or hearing will take place regarding the suit.