Thursday, July 18 2024

From the Waco siege of the Branch Davidians that forever changed how the FBI approaches armed cultists, to the current standoff with anti-government protestors in Oregon, America is constantly dealing with homegrown threats that could harm our fellow citizens.  Bestselling Author Elizabeth Heiter has put her finger directly on that issue with her new thriller, SEIZED (Mira Books, January 2015), which pits an FBI Profiler against a dangerous cult of survivalists in the mountains of Montana.  In the book, FBI Agent Evelyn Baine is investigating the cult when she is taken hostage, suddenly surrounded by armed terrorists looking to strike out against America.  Realizing the FBI has a tough choice, either breach the compound and risk collateral damage to civilians, or avoid taking action which could allow them to commit a terrorist attack, Agent Baine must take steps before they shatter the country.

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