GOP Candidates Carson And Cruz Participate In Carolina Values Summit At Winthrop

Posted February 12, 2016 12:05 am | Filed under Featured, Local News, News

Republican presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and Ben Carson participated in what was called the Carolina Values Summit at Winthrop University’s Byrnes Auditorium Thursday night.

Cruz focused on life, marriage and religious freedom.

He says too many people talk the talk when it comes to being pro-life but they don’t walk the walk.

Cruz says he does and will continue to do so.

“If I’m elected president, on the first day in office I will instruct the US Department of Justice to open an investigation into Planned Parenthood, and to prosecute any and all criminal violations,” Cruz said.

Carson spent a lot of time talking about his tax proposals.

He says creating ladders of opportunity to allow people to climb out of dependency is behind his income tax plan.

“A flat tax with no exemptions, no deductions, no loopholes, no shelters,” Carson said.

“Everybody pays the same 14.9% rate starting at the 150% poverty level,” he added.

Rick Santorum, who dropped out of the GOP White House race, spoke at the values summit on behalf of Marco Rubio.