Resident to County Council: “I’ve lost faith in you guys”

Posted February 20, 2012 9:08 pm | Filed under Local News

York County Council met Monday night to discuss various issues, one including the ongoing debate over the future of the former Heritage USA tower in Fort Mill.

MorningStar says it’s been planning to renovate the tower  since 2007, but five years later little has been done.

Fort Mill resident Eric Kinsinger says the dilapidated establishment is affecting surrounding residents and he’s frustrated with York County Council for not being more responsive.

Kinsinger says neither DHEC nor OSHA will touch the building until mediation is concluded.

He fears York County Council won’t act until someone really gets hurt on the property.

The former Heritage USA property was built in 1986 under the leadership of then evangelist Jim Bakker and according to contractors would have to be completely renovated due to lack of building codes in accordance with today’s codes.



One Response to Resident to County Council: “I’ve lost faith in you guys”

  1. Liz Pauline

    I totally agree with Eric. Our County has sat back and done absolutely nothing. They have let Morningstar sit there all this time while the building decays even more. What will it take for the County to act. Did you know that if the County were to enforce the fines they stated at $465 a day., it would come to over $700,000 owed to the county. I say collect and use the money to take it down. Situation resolved.