Sunday, May 19 2024

Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner’s that will eventually be assembled in Charleston has resumed its test flights, and officials have announced a new delivery date. Boeing’s flight testing program on its new 787 Dreamliner aircraft was delayed due to an in-flight test incident last November. Since then, Boeing crews have been working to produce, install and test updated software, as well as new electrical systems in the planes. Now, the planes are back in the air for test flights, but the new delivery date of the first 787 is expected to be third quarter of this year.

Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner facility being built in North Charleston

Boeing says the stalled first delivery date should not have a material impact on financial results for 2010. On January 26, officials are expected to discuss initial 787 deliveries in 2011. The production will eventually take place at Boeing’s new facility being built in North Charleston.

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