Charlie Derek

Before joining Interstate 107, Charlie was the top-rated morning personality on Florida’s Central Gulf Coast Adult Contemporary station WFSY-FM, Panama City for seven years. Prior to joining WFSY, Charlie spent four years as morning personality on highly-rated KQQL-FM, Minneapolis/St. Paul.

From 1983-1989 Charlie did mornings for KRAV-FM, Tulsa. A fixture for many years in Tulsa radio, Charlie was also morning personality for KMOD-FM and spent three years doing mornings for legendary Country station KVOO.

Charlie’s on-air success is attributed to his warm and friendly style. While some personalities attempt to humor listeners with off-color jokes, Charlie makes listeners smile by sharing funny, everyday situations. Charlie’s family-friendly morning show has broad appeal with Country listeners.

Join Charlie each weekday morning at 6 on Interstate 107. E-mail him at