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Deputies charge fan of ‘Moonshiners’ for having liquor still

According to the York County Sheriff’s Office 59-year-old Emmett Hopp has been arrested when deputies discovered a moonshine behind his house.

The man admitted he’s a fan of Moonshiners on the Discovery Channel and wanted to try it for himself.  Moonshine busts are rare. The last one the Sheriff’s Office found was four years ago, although abandoned liquor stills have been found in the woods.

Authorities took the copper moonshine still from a workshop behind the house by Narrow Lane Road near Smyrna.  There were several bottles of moonshine and dog kennels there, too.

Deputies said Hipp told them he paid $700 to buy the equipment online.  Hipp has been in jail on a domestic violence charge for three weeks.  His wife found the still after Hipp’s arrest and reported it to police. The crime is a misdemeanor with a possible sentence of up to 90 days in jail.

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