Q&A: The Basics of Insurance

Join Watts Huckabee Thursdays on WRHI for Q & A: The Basics of Insurance.

If it’s one thing that confuses us all, it’s insurance-and that’s why he’s determined to do something about it!

Each week he’ll tee-up the latest misunderstanding about insurance Watts will offer you his take on the issue and why it’s making the news. Our program is presented by Carolinas Insurance and Investment Group in Rock Hill, specializing in benefits for business and industry. Join us Thursdays for Q & A: The Basics on Insuranceon WRHI.

On May 5, 2010, Michael Kegan of the National Association of Health Underwriters spoke at the City Club in Rock Hill. Click here for the full audio of the presentation. Keegan’s presentation also included a set of PowerPoint slides. View the presentation here.

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