Straight Talk

Straight Talk: 07/01/16 Megan Branham and Whitney Tucker

The guests share information on the welfare of children in South Carolina, including good news about York County.…

Straight Talk: 06/30/16 Raye Felder

Felder recaps the recently-concluded state legislative session, and says she's affected by the redrawing of the border between the Carolinas.…

06/28/16: Rich Fletcher

Fletcher provides the latest information on the Alliance's marketing to lure investment and jobs to the four member counties.…

Palmetto Mornings
  • 6/30/16 – Harvey Mayhill – Quilts of Valor Awards for Veterans, July 9, 2016

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  • 6/30/16 – Murray Forbes Somerville Organ Recital – July 3, 2016, Byrnes Auditorium

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  • 6/29/16: Dr. Steven Fields – MYCO “Dinosaur Revolution Maze”

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  • 6/29/16: Haines Maxwell and Chad Smith – The Great American BBQ Saturday, July 2

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  • 6/29/16: Bruce McKagan – Help R.O.C.! Go Meet the Band, “Guns N’ Roses”

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