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Straight Talk: 06/30/16 Raye Felder

Felder recaps the recently-concluded state legislative session, and says she’s affected by the redrawing of the border between the Carolinas.

06/28/16: Rich Fletcher

Fletcher provides the latest information on the Alliance’s marketing to lure investment and jobs to the four member counties.

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06/27/16: Moe Bell

Bell discusses this year’s Camp Cherokee events and provides an update on the Clover School District Community YMCA.

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06/24/16: Senator Creighton Coleman

Coleman discusses road funding, education and development along I-77 as he prepares for Tuesday’s Democratic primary runoff.

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Straight Talk: 06/23/16 Mike Fanning

Fanning discusses issues important to him such as tax reform, Act 388, term limits and road improvements.

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Straight Talk: 06/22/16: Betty Plumb

Plumb recaps her career and talks about the state of art in South Carolina.

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Straight Talk: 06/21/16: Tom Hickman

Hickman recaps his career at Winthrop and talks about the issues he has to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

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