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Straight Talk: 04/29/16 Glenn McCall

McCall discusses the success of Donald Trump in the presidential race and the possibility of a contested convention this summer in Cleveland.

Straight Talk: 04/28/16 Jack Christine

The guest discusses how many passengers came through the airport last year, new flight destinations, and projects that will improve the airport.

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Straight Talk: 04/27/16 Chris Curtis and Gene Valk

The guests talk about a car students have spent this school year building at the ATC.

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Straight Talk: 04/26/16 Jim Shore

Shore talks largely about the work he did for the Disney Company.

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Straight Talk: 04/25/16 Wyman Oxner and Melissa Cash

The guests discuss pending alimony reform legislation in Columbia and what obstacles have to be cleared for them to pass.

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Straight Talk: 4/22/16 Millie Hathaway and Justin Anderson

The guests talk about the Saluda Counseling Center’s fundraising campaign, which has collected $45,000 of its $65,000 goal.

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Straight Talk: 04/21/16 Chet Tucker and Chris Hood

The guests discuss Friday night’s Moonlight Jazz and Saturday’s Tailgate Party.

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