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Business Rock Hill: 08/13/14 The TI at Knowledge Park

Rock Hill’s Technology Incubator turns one year old this summer. Director David Warner explains some of the lessons he’s learned over he last twelve months and the center’s plans for the future.

Business Rock Hill: 8/6/14 ZipStream residential rollout

This week, we hear from Comporium Communications’ Matt Dosch on the company’s next round of plans to roll out gigabit internet service to 125 neighborhoods in York and Lancaster counties.

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Business Rock Hill: 07/30/14 Knowledge Park update

Knowledge Park Development Group chairman Andy Shene outlines the latest developments in the Knowledge Park plan with master developer Sora Phelps.

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Business Rock Hill: 07/24/14 Doing unto others

Cooperation and Respect: skills that most of us learned in Kindergarten. Today, you and I still use those skills as guideposts as to how we do business. For some in the political arena, that’s not always the case. But Rock Hill City Councilman John Black says those tenets remain intact at Rock Hill City Hall […]

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Business Rock Hill: 7/16/14 BMX and Beyond

The Novant Health BMX Motocross track is just weeks away from opening on the campus of the new Rock Hill Outdoor Center. Mayor Doug Echols explains the impact of the site will go well beyond its brick-and-mortar boundaries.

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Business Rock Hill: 07/09/14 Quidditch World Cup

Rock Hill’s PRT Department explains why the U.S. Quidditch Association chose Rock Hill for its 2015 National Championship.

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Business Rock Hill: 7/1/14 York Tech renovations, expansions

York Technical College celebrated the 50th anniversary of one of the campus’ oldest buildings. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ongoing renovations and expansions on campus.

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