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  1. Couldn’t agree more GW. Brainwashing it undoubtedly is. Commercial TV (with the possible exception of SBS) consists of mindless drivel interspersed with screaming repetitive adverts. And yes, the kids are conditioned to accept this from a very young age. Who was it said that commercial television doesn’t just cater for the lowest common denominator, it creates the lowest common denominator (who none-the-less make wonderful unquestioning consumers!)

  2. It is definately a masculine room. I bet if I saw it in person I would love the details because it has many of them ~ espcially the art. I actually like masculine ~ the upholstery looks to be all the same fabic. It is a nice constant in a room that seems to showcase the art. The art looks easily changeable which, in real life, will keep the room interesting.

  3. Haha he seems like the greatest My aunts dog does the talking thing too when she’s And my parents dog likes to rub himself on your head after you He loves the smell and feeling of shampooed hair I Kinda weird but it’s funny

  4. Gongrats, I especially like the first one, and you are absolutely right about this aspect of photography, you pick up a habbit of noticeing things that you didn't before. I sometimes catch myself making compositions in my head even if I don't have my camera with me :).

  5. The way US states seem to edit their constitution is more than a little weird to me as a Canadian. Constitutions should be for fundamental law, not decided on where to spend tax dollars.

  6. 1. Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?2. Alt-J – Taro3. Jake Bugg – Lightning Bolt4. Beach House – Troublemaker5. Blaudzun – Elephants6. I Am Oak – Palpable7. Michael Kiwanuka – Tell me a Tale8. The Vaccines – Teenage Icon9. Mumford & Sons – Lover of the Light10. The Black Keys – Gold On The Ceiling

  7. You are a dream! Such an eclectic and wonderful mix. The 60s house coat is brilliant – I must get one. Will it go up on your site.I am a size 10 but feel like my hips are pushing a size 12 which is causing me grief! xx

  8. تدوينة ضمت العديد من الاسماء التي لم تعد مغمورة وضمت تفاصيل رائعة.. قيل سابقا ان لم تكن غنيا وكنت صاحب مبدأ فسوف تعيش وتموت فقيرا.الان قد تكون صاحب مبدأ وتصنع ثروتك.. تحول جيد سيغير من تفكير العديد من شبابنا.ÂÂ

  9. Morten: Joda, jeg bodde på Don Paco (2.etg.) og reiste hjem fredag. Dønninger er balsam for sjelen min, så der er vi forskjellige! "Havfruen" nyter havets brus og synes det er en deilig lyd, både å sovne og våkne til. Var det forresten du som hadde anbefalt bloggen min til Siri (Casa Siri)? Fra Gjøvik?

  10. That’s an ingenious way of thinking about it.

  11. Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brnitheged my day!

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