Straight Talk

Straight Talk: 08/29/16 Chris Whitaker and Jamie Brock

The guests talk about how children who are taken out of their homes are placed into foster homes.…

Straight Talk: 08/26/16 Kat Yoffie and Tyler Griffin

The guests talk about the involvement of Winthrop students in politics and how diverse it is.…

Straight Talk: 08/25/16 Kathy Grier

Grier talks about how her clinic does NOT compete with the Affinity Health Center, and about the need to serve more people in western York County.…

Palmetto Mornings
  • 8/29/16: Jennifer Graham – Hospice and Community Care, LOL Tour

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  • 8/29/16: Mary Beth Knapp – Humane Society of York County

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  • 8/26/16: Greg Brannon – Panthers vs. Patriots

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  • 8/26/16: Rusty Ray – NASCAR – Pure Michigan 400

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  • 8/26/16: Deputy Gilbert Major – WRHI Officer of the Week

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