City of Rock Hill says ‘no need to panic’ if some residents see slightly discolored water

Posted October 23, 2018 1:03 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News, News

If you’re a resident of the city of Rock Hill and maybe noticed a slight discoloration of your water, there’s no need to panic. Your water is just fine and there’s not even a need to boil it.

A press release from the City of Rock Hill Tuesday morning stated that a new 24” water line was recently installed along Eden Terrace, Myrtle Drive, College Avenue and Union Street.

Last week, the line was tested as part of the permitting process, and the valve to the new line was opened on Friday, with lines flushed during the weekend and on Monday.

According to Katie Quinn, Communications Manager for the City of Rock Hill, it appears that when the new line was opened, there was a disturbance in the flow of the water on nearby pipes, stirring sediment on the pipe walls and causing a brown tint for some customers.

Color and sediment does not mean unsafe water, but the city is pulling water samples to test throughout the affected areas and system wide as a precaution.

All test results currently indicate levels consistent with what’s being output at the water plant. The City has not issued an active Boil Water Advisory for the moment.