4/19/17: #18 Jonathan “Jon” Herst, Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team

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Rodman Sports Complex,

2409 Blaney Road, Chester, SC United States

On Saturday, April 29th, the team will be in Chester, South Carolina to participate in a double header against two local team. The first game will begin at 2 PM and the second game will begin at 4 PM.  Admission is $5. Gates open at 11:30am


To inspire and educate others while enhancing the health and welfare of Wounded Warrior Amputees.


The WWAST is comprised of competitive, athletic veterans and active duty soldiers who have lost limbs. The team includes individuals with a variety of amputations — of the arm, above knee, below knee, bilateral below knee, and foot. Some are still in the service, others are attending college thanks to the Post-9/11 GI Bill while others have moved on to new careers. They now travel the country playing abled-bodied teams in competitive, celebrity and exhibition softball games, bringing their special brand of softball, courage and inspiration.

WWAST athletes are examples of amputees who continue to push the limits of modern prosthetic technology with more and more applications. Of course, our dream would be the return of our soldiers from harm’s way without the resulting loss of life and limb. Until such a time, our goal is to support and honor our soldiers and veterans sacrifices, and to show other amputees and everyone who sees or hears about us that life without a limb is limitless.

Our Softball inspires and educates everyone who watches our games, including other amputees and anyone who has challenges to overcome. It also enhances the health and welfare of the Wounded Warrior amputees who play on our team.

Our Kids Camp provides the opportunity to inspire and educate the kids who attend the camp as well as anyone who has the opportunity to attend the event. It also enhances the health and welfare of our Wounded Warrior amputees as it provides them the power of making a difference in the life of a child.

Our partnership with the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund assists with the college education of fallen veterans’ children. Find out more about the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund through the following link: http://www.johnnymac.org/