3/14/17: Colonel David Hunt – Author – “Without Mercy”

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How Today’s Government and Military Would React to Terrorists Detonating a Nuclear Bomb in The U.S.

By Fox News Contributor and Terrorism Expert,
Colonel David Hunt

“The authenticity of the story makes the tale particularly terrifying, especially at a time when real-life international relations appear unstable.” –Booklist

Fox News War and Terrorism Expert Colonel David Hunt has been fighting our nation’s war for more than 30 years.  He has extensive experience in special operations, was the Counterterrorism coordinator of the Seoul Olympics, and served as Tactical Advisor in Bosnia.  Now he has taken all of his hard-won knowledge to paint a terrifying picture: a real-world scenario where ISIS terrorists acquire nukes and use them to attack Bagram Airfield…and the heart of Manhattan.

In his new book, WITHOUT MERCY (Tor-Forge, March 2017),  Colonel Hunt has teamed up with acclaimed author R.J. Piniero to write a political thriller that many hope ISN’T a prediction of the near future.  After Manhattan has been hit with a nuclear bomb, the world is in shock: the destruction is biblical, leveling a square mile of NYC skyscrapers, and hundreds of thousands perish.  The American economy is in chaos, riots and looting spark across the country, and our enemies prepare to press their attack.  The only hope is for a Special Forces team to find the terrorists, locate the home base of their nuclear arsenal, and destroy it.