Sen. Tim Scott Says “Easier to Repeal than Replace” Obamacare

Posted January 16, 2017 8:08 am | Filed under Featured, News, State/Regional News

Republicans in Congress have taken the first step towards scrapping President Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act… passing budget language last week that sets up a likely debate on how to replace the law next year. But there’s still lots of disagreement on the Republican side about how to replace the law… particularly for those with preexisting conditions or who purchased a plan that was affordable for them… but cost the government heavily. South Carolina’s junior senator Tim Scott told media outlets he doesn’t want to see people lose their insurance. Scott said Republicans want to repeal the law… but need a plan to properly replace it. Previous GOP proposals have tried to cut federal spending or ease coverage requirements for insurance companies… while also relying more on tax benefits and more state-level services.