12/22/16: Dr. Vera Teller – Author and Career Coach – “CHECK IT OFF!”

Posted December 22, 2016 9:57 am | Filed under Palmetto Mornings

Forecasters predict that 33% of jobs will be taken over by robots in the next 10-20 years…how can college students make sure there will be a job ready for them after they’re done with school?

Vera Teller, Ph.D. is an expert career coach and lecturer, and her new book, CHECK IT OFF! Pave Your Way Through College to Career is an excellent guide that parents and their college age kids shouldn’t miss.  This career book is different because it breaks down the planning process during college, with specific advice for each year.  Following these steps addresses the needs of hiring managers so that college students are fully prepared to apply to jobs, ace the interview, and are ready to be professionals.