SC advocacy group trying to reform alimony law in Columbia

Posted February 8, 2016 10:50 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News, News

A South Carolina man helping to try and change the state’s alimony law says it’s archaic and unjust.

Wyman Oxner says his group is not against alimony, just lifetime alimony.

“We can understand if the husband or wife, whoever’s getting paid, didn’t work during the marriage and may need ten years to get back on their feet,” Oxner said.

“You can be a doctor in ten years,” Oxner added.

“I can’t see any purpose for it ever going for more than ten years.”

Oxner says child support helps divorced parents with children.

“Even with child support, the court recognizes that when a child is 21 years old, they’re an adult and can take care of themselves,” Oxner said.

“They don’t use that logic with alimony,” Oxner added.

Oxner says alimony reform legislation is in the state House, and there’s a companion bill in the Senate.

Oxner says his advocacy group has more than 700 members in South Carolina.