Chester Schools solve IT needs with cadre of student technicians

Posted May 6, 2014 2:32 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

Just like any other school district, Chester County Schools have computers and heating and air systems that need repair from time to time.

And, like many similar organizations, the district has staff on hand to repair those systems and conduct routine maintenance to ensure peak efficiency.

But in Chester County, Superintendent Agnes Slayman says there is also a need for the district’s high schools to better prepare students for life after the twelfth grade. For some, that means college; for others it means joining the workforce; for a few that means joining the military.

But Slayman and her staff have developed a program within the school district that puts upperclassmen students to work right in the classrooms, fixing school-owned  tablet devices and computers.

“It means I really am providing a skilled workforce out there,” Slayman said. “And it’s also meeting my need of not having to invest in more employees…and I can pay the kids.”

Student district employees are issued a district shirt, earn a salary and are taught interview and general job skills in the program. This year, 24 students are enrolled and are responsible for the repair and maintenance of tablet devices under the direction of the district’s Information Technology staff.