2014-15 Winthrop Common Book project focuses on food supply

Posted April 22, 2014 4:54 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

timmerman_where_am_I_eatingThis fall, Winthrop University’s incoming freshman class will learn more about this country’s food supply and how food arrives at our drive-thru windows, grocery stores and kitchen tables.

The university Tuesday unveiled it’s latest Common Book, “Where am I Eating.” The book focuses on the global concern of the food supply and its effects on the economy and society.

“What we eat, how it is produced, who raises it, how the producers are compensated, the availability of the food product and the economic impact of the product on both the local economy and the global economy are all very important concerns,” University College Dean Gloria Jones explained.

The selection is the Common Book committee’s second choice in a row by author Kelsey Timmerman. Incoming freshman read Timmerman’s “Where Am I Wearing?” last fall. The common book is meant to be read by all incoming freshman students and is an integral part of a year’s long worth of freshman courses.

“We want to raise awareness of our students and our faculty and our community about the impact of food, it’s production and how it affects us here in Rock Hill,” Jones said.

The book explores different food production processes in South America, China and the Ivory Coast.

New students will receive a customized copy of the book at Orientation and will explore Timmerman’s discoveries in various programs scheduled throughout the academic year, as well as in their Human Experience course. The Common Book project, in place at Winthrop since 2004, works to integrate Winthrop students into the university environment and offers them a common intellectual experience.