York Co. deputies tackle simulated shooter at Knights Castle

Posted February 3, 2014 12:57 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

It’s a situation we all hope never happens: someone with a gun at a school, church or mall threatening the lives of those we love.

But in today’s culture, it’s a reality. One that York County Sheriff’s Deputies spent much of the last week in January training for in the event of a real active shooter emergency.

About 35 sheriff’s deputies were on hand Friday for simulated exercises of a shooter at the former Knights Stadium in Fort Mill. The baseball team moved out of the facility in December and turned out to be a great place to practice for the unthinkable.

“Its abandoned, it has a large area that we can work on,” said Sheriff’s Sgt. Buddy Brown. “It’s very large and a not a lot of people are familiar with the layout of it — which is much the way it would be if we had an actual situation like this.”

The day-long training session tested officers’ skills using simulated ammunition that leaves behind chalk-like marks when fired from a gun.

“The way that we set the scenarios up is if they utilize the tactics the way they’re supposed to, the scenarios are very winnable,” Brown said. “If they fail, it makes it a lot more difficult.”