Major changes, flashing yellow arrows coming to I-77 interchanges

Posted January 14, 2014 10:48 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

flashing-yellow-arrowA series of road improvements are set to get underway next summer that S.C. Department of Transportation and City of Rock Hill road planners hope will bring a smoother ride along Rock Hill’s busiest intersections.

Specifically — where Dave Lyle Blvd. and Celanese Road meet separately with Interstate 77.

The two thoroughfares have become increasingly congested as Rock Hill and York County have grown, underscoring the need for updated traffic patterns to move cars off the highway quickly.

Starting next summer, work is set to get underway on seven separate projects at exits 79 and 82C that will, hopefully make your commute a little less frustrating.

On Dave Lyle Blvd:

  • Additional dedicated right turn lanes for drivers exiting I-77 southbound headed towards downtown Rock Hill. Currently, drivers must merge into one lane exiting west off the Interstate while merging with traffic turning into the north side of the Manchester Village shopping center.
  • Dedicated Right-Left turn lanes for drivers exiting I-77 southbound and planning to turn right on Dave Lyle Blvd. before turning left onto Chamberside to Best Buy or Target. Currently, drivers must quickly cross several lanes of traffic to make the turn.
  • A right-only exit lane from the southern part of the Manchester Village shopping center, spanning from Chamberside Drive to I-77 south. This dedicated lane gives drivers leaving the Best Buy or Target a direct route to the Interstate

The S.C Department of Transportation also plans to install several Flashing Yellow Arrow turn lanes at existing ‘doghouse-style’ traffic signals.

Along Dave Lyle Blvd., SCDOT transportation planner Greg Shaw said those new turn signals will be installed at Hood Center Drive, Mt. Gallant Road, Galleria Blvd., Meeting Street and at the main entrance to the Rock Hill Galleria.

Additional Flashing Yellow Arrows, designed to give drivers more confidence when turning left into oncoming traffic, are planned for other parts of the city, Shaw said. Specifics were not available.

Along Celanese Road, planners are looking to upgrade existing intersections near Interstate 77 to allow for better flow off the highway:

  • Modified traffic lanes to the northbound and southbound approaches at Riverchase Blvd., including two left-turn lanes off the northbound side of Riverchase towards I-77.
  • Building additional left-turn and right-turn lanes on Riverview Road, allowing for direct access to Celanese Road.
  • Extending Ligon Road to Riverview Road, giving drivers exiting Riverchase Blvd. a second exit to Celanese.
  • Building concrete barriers along the median of Celanese between Interstate 77 and Automall Parkway. This would prevent drivers attempting to turn left across oncoming traffic at non-signalized intersections.

The S.C. Department of Transportation plans on acquiring the rights of way this spring, road work is set to start in 2015. They are also seeking you input on the plans at through January 29, 2014.