York Co. Manager delivers 80-day report on county operations review

Posted December 19, 2013 8:07 am | Filed under Featured, Local News

Nearly three months in to his new role as York County Manager, Bill Shanahan says he feels he has a good sense of the county’s operations.

On Wednesday, Shanahan spent an hour in a county council workshop explaining his initial review of the county’s operations with council, outlining several steps he plans to carry out in the months ahead.

One of the foremost objectives is putting in place a way to measure efficiency and success in county programs. That includes accurately assessing staffing needs and county services.

On capital projects, Shanahan outlined a number of projects still pending, suggesting a project management firm be hired to help county staff close out lengthy projects.

“The folks we have in place have a core of expertise — we need them.” Shanahan said. “But let’s bring in some professionals that can help them identify these things that have slipped through the cracks.”

From a public safety standpoint, Shanahan plans to review the county’s 9-1-1 system that is currently under joint control of the County Manager and Sheriff.

“He and I  — and our experts — will look at what we’ve got and how we can improve it,” Shanahan said. “And we may decide that way it’s working now is what we need.”

Shanahan also mentioned updating internal processes — like human resources, procurement and engineering — to twenty-first century technology.