Local Officials Announce Anti-Sexting Campaign to Help Children

Posted December 5, 2013 12:53 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News, News

An anti-sexting campaign has been launched by the 16th Circuit Solicitor’s office, the Rock Hill and Fort Mill school districts to discourage their students from sending or forwarding nude photos or other obscene material from electronic devices.

Solicitor Kevin Brackett says parents need to have an ongoing dialogue with their children about sexting and “get into your kid’s business.”

“As a parent you have a responsibility to know what your child is doing,” Brackett said.

“They’re not smart enough to make intelligent decisions themselves.

Until they are, you have to be there on top of them just as if they’re three and four years old.”

Children “just have more tools and more ways to make themselves miserable,” Brackett said.

“You have to protect them from their poor decision making.”

Brackett notes there have been high-profile cases where sexting led to a child’s suicide.

He says often it involves kids who drink too much.

Both the Fort Mill and Rock Hill school districts have shot anti-texting video PSAs to show students and parents.